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  • Prices cover a rental period up to 3 days!

  • We delivery!

  • Ask about our décor packages!

  • Dance freely and comfortably in our high peak tents, standing over a foot taller than standard models.


Popup 10 x 10
Popup 10 x 15
download (2).png
Popup 10 x 20
High Peak 10 x 20
High Peak 20 x 20
High Peak 20 x 40
Classic 30 x 60
Padded Resin
Gold Chiavari

*includes black pad*
Lifetime Folding
60in Round
6ft Rectangle
cocktail table.jpg
Cocktail table
6ft Folding Bar
Dance Floor
24ft x 24ft $1200
21ft x 21ft $900
18ft x 18ft $700
15ft x 15ft $500
12ft x 12ft $300
alto 15in.jpg
Alto 15in PA speaker $75 for one 
$100 for two
Champagne Wall
*includes glass champagne flutes*
Patio Heater
*Propane not included*
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